Sasuke: The Power of Introverts

So by now, we should all know that Sasuke is an introvert. But what is an introvert?

Basically, an introvert is somebody who doesn’t need others around them in order to be at peace.

And Sasuke himself is an introvert because we’ve always seen Sasuke alone. Not because Sasuke was forced to be alone but because he always wanted things to be that way. He was the most popular guy in school and yet never had any friends out of choice, and that seemed super cool to a lot of the girls in his class for that reason. Because it just made him seem like an alpha compared to the other guys in his class in every way, because it showed the others that he can be content on his own.

And because Sasuke has only ever needed himself to stay at peace, he created a team.

Now I know this contradicts what an introvert even is, but hear me out.

When Sasuke was a part of Team 7, it seemed very clear from the start on the importance of teamwork. He’s seen it between the Sound Four, the Jonin, from being in a team with Orchimaru, and from being a part of a team first hand himself in a battle, etc. From this knowledge, Sasuke understood that if he wanted to defeat Itachi, he had to get whoever was in his way first. And he couldn’t do that alone. 

This is why he developed his own team, Hebi/Taka. 

Now because of the fact that Sasuke is an introvert, he’s never grown attached to his teammates because he is fine with or without them. He doesn’t need them, because they are only there to support him so he can reach his goal. And this is part of the reason why people followed Sasuke in the first place, because of his dominance and power, he gave off that type of vibe of “You need me, I don’t need you”. And it was true because they truly did need Sasuke, which is why no matter what Sasuke did, they always came back to him.

Sasuke is a pack leader because he is able to build his own team, and lead by example.

And because Sasuke never depended on his teammates, Sasuke became smarter and stronger because he learned from each of his teammates. Sasuke is very open minded and if you have an explanation he will always listen before making a decision. And it’s because of this reason, which is why Sasuke went from brute strength like in Hebi, to smarts and tactics like in Taka.

So, how can you use being an introvert to your advantage?

Well, first you have to understand why you are an introvert. It’s because you can be at peace with yourself, you don’t need others to be at peace instead. And that’s powerful because in life, the main person we will always need to be content is ourselves.

And because you only need yourself, you can develop your own friend circle of people who point out your weaknesses. They don’t have to be like you, if anything, they can be the opposite. And you don’t even need a huge group of friends in order to achieve your own pack, it can be as small as 3-4 people including yourself. However, one of the main things to remember is that you must have a clear goal in mind for that pack.

It could be making your own video game to studying together and beating tests, or making your own type of club and becoming the best club in the school, etc. But you have to lead by example, and you cannot be attached to your teammates because just like with what happened to Sasuke, they come and go. But you have to stay at peace within yourself regardless of where that person goes. 

Now that doesn’t mean you should treat people like tools, it just means that you should treat people with the expectation that they can leave at any time. And you have to be okay with that.

So what did you guys think? Do you like Sasuke? Do you feel like you can relate to him?

Do you agree or disagree with any of the points I made?

If so, tell me in the comment section below!

And have a great day/night warriors!

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