Sasuke: Why lack of emotional control, almost got him killed

So when you’re in your feelings, you can’t think clearly.

And because you can’t think clearly, you tend to do the most or do the extreme because you’re upset.

And that’s what Sasuke did when he fought the 5 Kage at the Summit.

So just to catch everybody up to speed, after Itachi died, Obito told Sasuke about Itachi and why he killed his entire clan. Once Sasuke learned the truth, his entire world was shattered and left him in a completely broken state of mind. Which led to Sasuke acting out of emotion, rather than logic when attacking the Summit.

Because once he fought the Hokages, despite how things may have looked, Sasuke was losing. And very well could’ve easily died at any point in that fight if it wasn’t for the other people around him and protecting him, at all times.

People comment on the fact that Sasuke had such a character switch in the story, and because of that, they felt like his character was a joke because he’s constantly fueled with emotion. And people’s arguments are “Well yeah, because he’s been through a lot” and I agree with that. 

However, when we are upset, even if we are right to be upset, it’s the action that’s wrong. You should not punch somebody because you’re mad, you should not kill others because you’re upset either. You have to have a clear mind, or else you could end up in Sasuke’s situation. 

Sasuke is a logical person, which is why in the past, when he was a student of Orochimaru, he didn’t kill because he didn’t have a good reason behind it. And at the end of the day, your actions must have meaning, and if you are mad and upset about something, instead of lashing out, take a break.

Go into the bathroom or outside and get some fresh air. Focus on your breathing or the sound of the wind, or even if you can’t leave your classroom or your surroundings right now, just focus on the tiny little sounds you can find to clear your mind.

Because a focused mind requires clear thought, and we can only achieve that if we aren’t in our emotions. Our emotions can be our worst enemies at times, and they can get us killed, just like what almost happened to Sasuke.

So I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, tell me about a time when you wish you could’ve had better control over your emotions, and what you wish you could’ve done instead.

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