Naruto – Why Itachi was Wrong about Sasuke

So as we all already know, Itachi is one of the coolest characters and probably one of the most favorite characters in the entire series. And it’s for a good reason because Itachi sacrificed everything just for his little brother, Sasuke.

However, I feel like there’s something everybody overlooks when it comes to Itachi, and the number one thing people overlook regarding Itachi are his mistakes.

If you don’t know, when Itachi was only 13 years old, he was given the task to kill everybody in the entire clan because his father wanted to stage a coup and take over the Leaf Village.

Itachi was 13 years old, he was a child and these grown adults were tasking a child to commit a mass murder against his family, friends, and clan.

Itachi kept this to himself, but if we are looking at things realistically, this entire situation is messed up.

And yes, Itachi was wise well beyond his years, but mentally, there’s no way Itachi was able to kill his entire clan and was able to walk away, going along with his life. He was deeply hurt inside, and I believe one of the biggest mistakes Itachi ever made was not taking Sasuke with him.

Itachi thought that Sasuke would willingly follow a path of ignorance, which is essentially what Itachi was asking Sasuke to do. And I don’t blame Sasuke for denying that.

Thank you for reading my article, and tell me. 

What’s a situation where you gave up, and was happy for it?

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