Naruto & Sasuke: Why Naruto failed to change Sasuke’s mind

So at some point in time, we’ve all had a disagreement with somebody.

Whether it was a difference of opinion or mindset, when we are in a disagreement with somebody… things can get heated. Friendships and even relationships with your family can be destroyed over it.

And that’s what happened to Naruto, his bond with Sasuke was broken, and it’s for a reason that not many people talk about.

Just for those who don’t understand what I’m referring to, it’s when Sasuke was leaving the Leaf Village with the Sound Four, and Naruto tried to defeat Sasuke in order to bring him back into the Leaf Village. Because he didn’t want Sasuke to go to Orochimaru.

And while they were fighting, Sasuke was trying to explain to Naruto why he was leaving.

However, the mistake Naruto made, which was the reason why Sasuke severed his ties, is because Naruto refused to listen to Sasuke and hear him out. Every single time Sasuke made an argument, Naruto didn’t even think about anything Sasuke said, he just immediately dismissed it.

For example, when Sasuke was explaining to Naruto about one of his motivations towards killing Itachi, it was because Itachi killed his entire clan. And he explained to Naruto how losing his entire family wasn’t the same as Naruto not having any family at all, if anything, it was worse.

And instead of Naruto listening to what Sasuke said, he dismissed him. He told Sasuke that it’s still not an excuse to leave, after that point, Sasuke stopped talking. He felt like it was a waste of time to explain something to somebody who wasn’t even listening to him in the first place. And so because of that, Sasuke decided to sever his bond with Naruto because he felt like Naruto couldn’t understand him. Not because Naruto couldn’t, but because Naruto was too selfish to even consider a valid point or reason to why Sasuke could’ve been right to leave the Leaf Village in the first place.

Naruto wanted Sasuke to stay, yes to make sure he was safe, but Naruto was only really thinking about himself. He didn’t think about why Sasuke wanted to leave, or the pain Sasuke truly was in at the time. He just viewed Sasuke as his friend, instead of Sasuke being his own person. 

So what can we learn from this?

Well, we all have to realize that people have the right to do whatever they want, even if we are not a part of that plan. We do not have a right to control somebody’s life. The person who refuses does not make them a bad person, it just makes them somebody who decided to take the driver’s seat of their life and make things they wanted to achieve happen.

Rather than allowing somebody else to do it for them. 

We also have to understand that when you get into an argument with somebody, it’s important to listen to what they’re saying, rather than focus on rebuttals. Because you have to know that it doesn’t matter what disagreement you’re in, you can never go into a conversation thinking you are in the right. Because Naruto was not in the right. He did not have a right in the end, to tell Sasuke what he can or cannot do, and neither did the Leaf Village. Ultimately, if it was what Sasuke wanted to do, even if they felt like he was in the wrong, it was his own decision to do it. 

This is why the Hokage or the Sages never went after Sasuke in the first place. You have to let people make their own decisions, even if you don’t agree with them.

And the same goes for us, if somebody wants to go to a different school from you, or a different classroom from yours, and they’re going to put whatever power they can to make that happen, even if you’re gonna miss them, it’s not in your right to force them to stay.

So next time, when you’re in an argument with someone, listen to them. Hear what they’re saying and actually think about it, instead of shouting back at them, telling them why they’re wrong instead.

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