Naruto & Sasuke: How to deal with rejection from a friend

Hey warriors,

So we’ve all had that one friend that just randomly stopped hanging out with us, right? In the beginning, y’all hate each other. But then you guys eventually become friends!

And then all of a sudden boom- that friend doesn’t wanna hangout with you anymore. And it hurts, especially when you don’t even know what you did wrong. Or why they’re even doing this in the first place. It’ll feel like a betrayal.

And that’s what happened between Naruto and Sasuke.

Now in the beginning of Naruto, it was pretty obvious that Naruto and Sasuke did not mess with each. For Naruto, it was because he was jealous of Sasuke. Sasuke was the most powerful kid in their class, and he was also the most good looking, so he caught the eye of Naruto’s crush – Sakura. 

So Naruto was jealous of Sasuke, because he wanted to be just like him. But for Sasuke, he didn’t hate Naruto… he just found Naruto to be extremely annoying.

And for good reason, I mean, as a kid I used to think Naruto the character was so cool and fun. But as I got older, I couldn’t stand Naruto! From his selfishness to him always going around screaming and playing annoying pranks against everybody. I can understand why Sasuke not only was annoyed by him, but lacked respect for him.

So what happened? How did Naruto manage to gain Sasuke as not only his ally, but his friend?

Well the main thing that was stopping Sasuke from even being cool with Naruto, was his lack of respect for Naruto. It was only after Sasuke trained one on one with Naruto (in the tree-climbing episode) that he truly started to gain respect for him, because he saw first hand just how hard Naruto worked -despite being a trash ninja. And after dragging Naruto home, they developed a type of bond that Naruto would never let go.

So what broke that bond? Well, despite their mutual respect for one another, Sasuke just couldn’t relate to Naruto.

Naruto grew up with no parents, and in Naruto’s eyes, he felt like he was one and the same with Sasuke because they both didn’t have parents.

But Sasuke didn’t agree, he felt like having something and losing everything you loved was worse than having nothing at all. And in my opinion, Sasuke was right. And because of that, Sasuke walked away from the friendship and decided to walk his own path instead.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, when your friend doesn’t wanna hangout with you anymore, it’s because that person just can’t relate to you anymore.

Maybe they’ve entered a new life arena and they feel like the things you guys talk about, just aren’t as fun as what somebody older than them or somebody from a different crowd talks about.

And that’s okay, it’s just called growing apart.

It hurts but, you have to understand that you don’t own that person and that person doesn’t owe you anything. People come and go all of the time and this is just your first experience of that. 

Now just because that friend walked away, doesn’t mean it was a bad friendship. 

If anything, it just means that you should focus on developing a new friend group with people who share the same interests as you.

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