Naruto – Rock Lee: How to know when to give up

So we all have a goal that we would like to achieve in life.

In life, we are encouraged to never give up and always keep working by doing something proactive everyday, just like Rock Lee.

You see, as a kid, Rock Lee was bullied because he couldn’t use Taijutsu or Genjutsu.

And so because of that, Rock Lee decided that he was going to achieve his goal of becoming the stronger ninja through hard work instead.

He woke up early in the morning and then stayed up until late at night, just training. However, as time went by, Rock Lee’s mindset of never giving up… almost got him killed. In the 2nd stage of the Chunin exams, it was Rock Lee v Gaara.

Rock Lee was giving it his all against Gaara, and in the end Rock Lee opened up to four gates effectively destroying his body in the process and put Gaara on the backdoor. Gaara however trapped Lee’s leg in sand and broke it. The fight ends when Guy intervenes, deciding that enough is enough when Gaara tries to kill Rock Lee, and Rock Lee was willing to die.

And some may look at that, as noble. To rather die than to give up.

But in reality, it’s not. At least regarding the reason why. 

Sometimes we confuse not giving up for stubbornness, and sometimes that stubbornness can lead to the death of us. And what good does being dead do besides boost our ego a bit? Because if Guy didn’t step in, Rock Lee would’ve died failing to prove that hard work truly did not defeat talent. Rock Lee would’ve never been able to grow stronger, and eventually surpass everybody who doubted him.

Not knowing when to give up can prevent you from being open-minded to criticism and trying something else instead. Because in shows like Naruto, it shows that brute force is not enough to defeat your enemies. This is the reason why out of everybody in the Chunin exams, Shikimaru became a Chunin and Rock Lee didn’t.

So when you are working hard towards your goals, always be sure to listen when somebody is giving you criticism. 

Don’t push yourself over your limits (that can lead to long-term consequences) for short-term goals. Like risking your health or even risking trauma, because you could be stopping yourself from reaching your full potential. 

So set a goal that is challenging enough to reach, but not too challenging to the point where it could hurt you.

And always know when it’s time to give up, so that you don’t make the same mistakes as Rock Lee did to the point where after that battle, Rock Lee could almost never fight again. 

Thank you for reading my article, and tell me. 

What’s a situation where you gave up, and was happy for it?

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