My Hero Academia – Midoriya: 3 Steps to become your best self

So if you don’t already know, my Hero Academia is one of my favorite anime so far. 

I love it because I am a very ambitious person and the show really motivates me towards becoming my best self. And I’m sure if you’re like myself, you have a goal that seems impossible to achieve as well.

For example, my dream is to have my own popular anime for kids to watch on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

But I learned a long time ago, that in order to create the best product, I must become my best self. And that’s what Midoriya’s been doing, not just physically but mentally as well.

In the beginning of the show, Midoriya was brave but… He didn’t have the ambition to keep moving forward without having to be constantly collided by All Might. Not saying showing emotion is any bad or anything like that. But all I’m saying is that Midorya needed somebody to pick himself back up.

And because of that, it held him back. He couldn’t level up or become great on his own… well that is until the tournament arc.

The reason why I love the tournament arc in general is because we finally get to see Midoriya shine on his own without the help of All Might. And we get to see Midoriya use his smarts to the test, and defeat whatever obstacle comes his way.

Which leads to my 1st step…

Step One: Identify what your best self looks like

In My Hero Academia, Midoriya wanted to become just like All Might. But in order to be like All Might, he had to learn just who All Might truly was. Which meant that Midoriya had to train, he had to become more brave, and most importantly, he had to learn how to defuse high tensioned situations. And this was hard at first for Midoriya because he was a crybaby, but as time went along, he grew some balls and stood up for himself, even against Bakugo. 

Step Two: Educate yourself on who you want to be

One thing I admire about Midoriya is the amount of research he puts into every single hero he fights. And because of that, it always gives him the advantage. You should always research not only the person you want to be like, but develop a plan on how you can be that person through research. You could even use their style and through research, develop your own style. Regardless, you should also educate yourself. It’s the best and only way to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Step Three: Find a mentor

A lot of the time, unless we have a coach pushing us, it’s hard to follow through. So whoever you wanna be, find somebody in that person’s alley and ask them to train you. This could either be an upperclassman or a coach at your school. Regardless, you’re never gonna get better by yourself. You always need somebody there to push you so that you can exceed past your limits, whatever they may be.

So when it comes to becoming your best self, figure out who you want to be, do your research on just who exactly that person you want to be is, so that you can develop a plan. And most importantly, find a mentor that’s in your ally, that can make sure you actually become that person you see in your mind. Because a lot of the time, we go easy on ourselves. But if somebody is waking up early in the morning with us, we’ll be a lot less likely to let them down.

So I hope you enjoyed today’s article, and I hope you have an amazing day.

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