Make a Webcomic people will Read

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Over here, we like to get straight to the point so don’t be surprised that our post doesn’t take 10-15 minutes to read.

If anything, we want it to take 30 seconds because we have low-attention spans too.

Are you insecure about your webcomic?

Do you think it sucks?

Well, lucky for you even crappy content can become popular! So what’s the problem? Why won’t people read your stuff? Is it because it sucks?

And the answer is… maybe?

It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if it isn’t interesting to the target audience you’re advertising it towards.

If you wanna figure out how to find your target audience, click here.

Now, you’re probably an ambitious webcomic artist looking to make some money and reap the rewards of the hard work you’ve made on your work.

But the issue is that nobody’s clicking to read your stuff? Why?

Well, it’s all about advertising. You have to capture people’s attention and make them stay and keep reading through your amazing content.

And the best way to do that is by figuring out how to make eye catching Titles by clicking here.

All you have to do is use those strong words to catch your target audience’s attention and make them a fan through your content.

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