Last of Us & Last of Us 2: Different Plot, Same Ending

Here I am, back with another article on the Last of Us 2, and it might be the last for a little bit.

After watching a bunch of Youtube reviews on the series as a whole, I’ve realized a lot of things throughout both of the games and it’s themes.

In Last Of Us, the plot of the game was about introducing to the apocalypse and the world around it, and showing us just how bad and destructive it truly was to the rest of the world.
Later on, we meet Ellie, a little girl with the cure to fixing the entire world. And we spend the entire game going through so much bullshit… Just to find out the price towards completing the goal of the entire game: sacrificing Ellie to save the world.

And Joel of course refuses, which means in a way, an ending parallel to the Last of Us 2 ending.
Because we went through this entire journey towards a goal, just to not even fulfill it.

And in the Last of Us 2, we face the same thing.

The entire plot of the game was to get revenge for Joel. However, by the end of the game, when Ellie was drowning Abby, and Abby was on the verge of dying… Ellie stopped.


Because the price of fulfilling the goal of the game meant to sacrifice Ellie’s humanity for revenge… And just like in the first game, the goal of the game is not worth it.

And I think the reason why Naughty Dog is doing this is in order to teach us something important: It’s never too late to change your mind.

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