Last Of Us 2: Why Ellie was right to Hate Joel

Hey guys, so because I’m still so obsessed with the Last of Us 2, I wanted to talk about something not a lot of people have touched on lately. And that is, Ellie and her hatred for Joel.

Now I’ve watched a lot of game plays of the Last of Us 2, and a lot of people tend to get angry at Ellie for how she feels towards Joel. And personally, I feel like people reacted that way because of their love for Joel. And because of that, it’s hard for us to view Joel from Ellie’s perspective because in a way, we all love Joel even more than Ellie.

However, in order for you to understand where Ellie is coming from, we have to know her past first.

As some of you may not know, Ellie grew up an orphan going from home to home, until she eventually ended up in basically a military camp type of school where they train children to become soldiers one day.

Ellie was picked on and bullied by not only her friends, but her teachers and principal as well. In return, she lashes out, getting into fights and always stirring up trouble for herself.

However, one person stood up for her, and her name was Riley. You see, Riley wasn’t much of a friend, she even picked on Ellie a little bit herself. But one night, Riley had a chance to see the Fireflies and brought Ellie along with her, to an abandoned mall.

Her and Ellie ends up getting held hostage by the fireflies, and almost gets killed until Marlene steps in to stop them.

Marlene then gives Ellie a switchblade and tells Ellie it’s her mother’s along with a note, telling her that she promised her mother that she would look after her, and to use that switchblade to protect herself. Which Ellie has kept to this day (Meaning the Last of Us 2).

After that, Ellie and Riley eventually become friends, and one night, they go back to that abandoned arcade, only for Riley and Ellie to end up getting bitten. And Ellie waking up to finding her friend being dead, and her being the only one alive.

This whole thing happens 3 weeks before she meets Joel.

Now in Ellie’s mind, she is obsessed with comic books, and in a way, it seems like she wants to be a hero. And after all of this hell she’s gone through. After being bullied, always being a troublemaker, and losing the only friend she’s ever had, becoming immune gave Ellie a purpose in life.

Well, when Riley was alive, Riley asked Ellie one important question that plays an important factor into Ellie’s entire philosophy.

“Do you think about the future? What do you intend to do with your life?”

Ellie at the time, didn’t have an answer, but Riley did. Riley wanted to become a hero, and in her eyes, becoming a hero means becoming a Firefly, and fighting back against the military.

And in Ellie’s eyes, Ellie also wanted to become a hero, and that meant saving the world.

And the problem with what Joel did, and even with what the Fireflies did, is that neither one of them allowed her to be a person, and fulfill her purpose in life.

If anything, Joel and the Fireflies destroyed it, because neither one of them gave her the opportunity to choose in the first place.

And Ellie avoids talking to Joel til this day because everytime she sees Joel, all she sees is the fact that Joel stole her one opportunity to fulfill her purpose and become a hero.

And you may think- “Well, why can’t she just see things from Joel’s perspective? Joel already lost a daughter, he didn’t wanna lose another one.”

But you also have to think, when Joel lost his daughter, he lost himself of hope and purpose. He lost his reason to be happy, and in Ellie’s eyes, she can never be happy again. She has no hope, because her only opportunity to fulfill her purpose is gone. Joel stole that from, and say what you want, but once you find your purpose, which is something that makes you excited about life. Something that keeps you fighting until the very end, once you lose something like that, you become an empty shell of yourself.

That’s why Ellie isn’t the same character we’ve once loved. She’s become moody and unemotional in a way, and that’s not by accident. It’s not because she’s a teenager, it’s because she feels like she doesn’t have a future. She doesn’t have anything to fight for, and she doesn’t want to mess with Joel because in her eyes, Joel is the reason why she’s this way.

Joel is the reason why she’s depressed, and unmotivated, and tired, and could care less about people’s feelings. She sees Joel as the reason for why she has no future. And in my opinion, Joel has to accept that, and granted he did, which is why I respect that.

Joel knows what it’s like to lose your own sense of purpose which is why he just takes it. Because he knows if the shoe was on the other foot, he would be the exact same way.

Ellie and Joel are similar in a way, in that they’re both stubborn as hell. But for good reason, Joel was right to lie to Ellie. But Ellie was just as right, to hate Joel for it.

And with that being said, I hope you guys enjoyed this read, and I hope you have an even more amazing day/night.

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