Last of Us 2: Joel was Right to lie to Ellie

So it’s been about 2 weeks now since The Last of Us 2 has come out, so everybody should be up to speed about the story and have at least completed the story by now. But if you haven’t, then you should turn away for spoilers – so you have been warned now.

So in The Last of Us – the first game, we meet Joel. A single father taking care of his teenage daughter, he was a sweet hearted and kind man. However, once the outbreak happens, Joel is forced to protect his daughter in order to survive.

But unfortunately, as many of us know, Joel’s daughter gets killed, and Joel eventually becomes a shell of his former self. Just going through life, with nothing to live for, so he becomes a monster.

20 years pass by, and Joel is eventually introduced to Ellie. Ellie sort of reminds him of his daughter, and she makes Joel turn from an angry old man, to a father figure. Ellie gives Joel a reason to live, and something to protect. She makes him happy, and makes him become his old self again, the sweet kind hearted man from the beginning of the game.

However, Joel is faced with the decision to either allow them to kill Ellie in order to save the world, or save Ellie, and fight the Fireflies.

And as we all know, Joel decides to fight the Fireflies. And I’ve seen many people call this a selfish act- but I disagree.

You see, the thing that bothers me about this entire situation regarding the Fireflies is that in Last of Us 2, we get a flashback of Abby and her father.

Abby’s father tells Marline that in order to save Ellie, they have to kill her.
And Marline faces Abby’s father with the question- “What if it was your daughter?” that he never answers. And he didn’t answer because we all know that any parent would not say yes to them killing their child in order to save the world.

And to be fair, Abby did come in and yes “If it was up to me, I would say yes”, however, that’s not fair. Abby is not in that situation, and it’s easy to speak about doing something you’re not even a part of. And even if she was a part of it, and she still did want to make that decision, it does not matter because she is not Ellie.

The reason why Joel was right in saving Ellie, and lying to her is because at the end of the day – Ellie is a child.

They never asked for Ellie’s consent on if she even wanted to do this, so in reality, they are killing a child in order to get the cure. And not only that- even if Ellie said yes, she is still a child. She might feel different along the line once she actually has a family and something to live for. Ellie never got to experience love, she never got to experience having responsibilities of even a family.

For Ellie to go through all that she went through, just to be murdered, without even making her own decision to save the world, to me, isn’t right or fair. Because what if she said no?

The Fireflies would’ve probably forced her to do it anyways, which is why they never asked for her consent in the first place. To me, that’s true selfishness, to undermine even the consideration of Ellie saying no, in order to save the world.

In my eyes, especially being older now, it’s too much of an ask, to have somebody who truly cares about Ellie, to allow her to be murdered in order to save the world- when Ellie is Joel’s world. And not even Joel’s world, but to never even ask for her permission in the first place.

I can see if they asked Ellie, and she said yes, and then they decided to do it. But that didn’t happen! So to me, Joel was right.

Joel was right to save Ellie from that situation, maybe he didn’t have to kill everybody, but let’s be real here. They were not going to just allow Joel to walk up out of there with Ellie in his arms without a fight.

Joel had to be the adult in the situation, and tell them no. He had to have Ellie grow up and think about it, and understand. He had to stick to his lie because Ellie would not understand until she had a family, and she had people that were important to her, in order to finally make that decision on giving her life to save humanity. Ellie had to find meaning in her life, in order to know if it was worth giving it up for others.

And if she said yes, then things would’ve been alright and I’m sure Joel would’ve understood that way. But Joel stands so firm on his decision because that is the right thing to do. And I wish that maybe in the 3rd game, they’ll face Ellie with the same type of decision Joel had to make, or maybe even Abby.

So, let me ask you guys a question

Would you trade in your child or your parent, in exchange to save the world? Explain why or why not, down below.

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  1. José

    There’s no world saving there. There’s no guarantee too.
    There’s despair and perversion. Murder is wrong. Murdering a child for saving something… it’s on a whole new level of wrong.
    But like I said at the beginning, there’s no “world saving”. There’s world building. And the world they wanted to build had as its pillars the murder of a child, this is at best a society of bone sucking ghouls.

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