Haikyuu!! – Shoyo Hinata: How to accept what you cannot change

So for those who don’t know, Haikyuu is all about Volleyball. And like in most sports, height plays a large factor in your ability to play. However, Hinata’s 5’3, which means out of anybody, he should be the last person out there playing Volleyball. 

However, he never allowed his height to stop him. Not out of confidence within himself, but because of this hero. He saw somebody as short as him, being able to achieve what he wanted to achieve himself. And that person he saw on that TV screen, became his goal.

But when it came time to actually achieving that goal, he ran into a lot of trouble. There were players who were taller than him. Not only that, but they’re smarter and more skilled too. And actually becoming better than these guys felt impossible. If anything, he was scared.

But eventually he met somebody who changed his entire perspective, and without him, Haikyuu might’ve eventually given up. And that person was – Yu Nishinoya.

You see, Nishinoya was even shorter than Hinata, and yet he’s made a huge name for himself. Seeing this in person made Hinata finally accept his height, and used it as a way to make himself unique.

He used his height as an advantage, and used it to make him faster instead!

So no matter what you have, a learning disability, if you’re fat or skinny, too short or too tall. Never use it as a reason to give up, and think about ways you could use it to your advantage. Because there were many people who told Hinata “no”. They called him crazy for even trying and that’s what people will tell you. But the spirit of believing in yourself… having the right mindset can help you achieve whatever you desire in life. Just like Lebrone, he’s not the tallest man in the world, but he works hard and it shows on the court.

So when it comes time to show off all of your hard work, make sure to do it with confidence, because you can’t change who you are… but you can change your mindset. And your mindset is stronger than any training the world could offer.

Thank you for reading my article, and tell me something unique about yourself that you cannot change, that you used to your advantage?

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