Dragon Ball Z – Vegeta: Why you can Never achieve anything Alone

People believe that depending on others is a sign of weakness, but really, it’s a sign of intelligence.

Because no matter how strong we are, we can never achieve anything we want alone. 

However, Vegeta didn’t get that same message.

Now Vegeta, one of the most beloved characters in Dragon Ball Z, despite being so powerful, has time and time again ran into the same problem that has actually gotten him killed many times before. And it’s believing that true strength is doing things alone, but in reality, it can be his downfall.

For example, when Vegeta was fighting Cell, he could have developed a plan for both him and Trunks to fight Cell together. However, because of his pride, he never did. Instead, he went in alone, and because of that, the enemy caught him off guard and almost killed Vegeta.

So how did Vegeta grow from this?

Because even past this point, Vegeta was revived but he didn’t truly learn his lesson until the Majin Buu saga. Where Vegeta went through the transformation of becoming his “true self” again, to realizing what’s truly important. By sacrificing himself for the world, for the first time in his life, he finally felt what it was like… to be perfect. To satisfy others and reach a level of respect that not even Goku could reach. 

And despite all of that… it wasn’t enough.

And Vegeta saw that, and once he was revived once again, he realized something. There is no such thing as perfection. He realized that seeing people like Goku and Gohan, and other men far stronger than what he’ll ever be, he saw who they were. And in Vegeta’s eyes, they were losers. Goku was an idiot, right alongside Majin Buu, and Gohan was a coward, right alongside Majin Buu’s master. And Vegeta rejected Goku all of this time because he didn’t want to see Goku as somebody stronger than him, because he didn’t want Goku to come close to his definition of perfection.

But once he finally accepted it, he changed.

So no matter what goal you have, you must always make a team.

Whether it’s starting a business or curing cancer, you must gather a circle of people you trust, and work together towards that goal.

Because just like Vegeta, the enemy can catch you off guard at any time, and almost get you killed.

And that’s what happened in Dragon Ball Super. 

When he achieved a new level, on his own. He achieved a level beyond Super Saiyan God… on his own. And even a level above Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, a level Goku has yet to reach.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution

He achieved this form by creating his own way to get stronger. And it wasn’t through defeating strong enemies or even focusing on defeating Goku. But instead, he was focused on himself. He was in his own lane and the only person in his mind that he needed to defeat was himself.

Vegeta was his own strongest rival, and Vegeta’s goal of defeating that enemy… lead him to reaching greater and greater heights above his own level. And he will only get stronger… 

Because he rejected perfection, and accepted himself.

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