Dragon Ball Z – Gohan & Vegeta: Don’t underestimate yourself or others

From Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super, Gohan has underestimated himself numerous amounts of times, only to find out that he’s stronger than he thought.

Like during his fight against Frieza, in the beginning, everybody including Gohan thought that he was no match for Freiza. But once Gohan became angry, he became more focused and more confident in his strength and just went for it. And because of that, he severely damaged Frieza, a man even Vegeta was terrified to even touch at the time.

It’s easy to dismiss yourself, and see yourself as less than when it comes to others.
But if you believe in yourself, you’ll see a side of yourself you never thought was possible.
And that maybe a side of strength, smarts, or sympathy.

And that same goes for other people, like Vegeta.

At the beginning of the Majin Buu Arc, Vegeta wanted to become empathetic again. And the reason why he wanted to become his evil self again is because that was a time when he felt more confident in himself, and more on top. Meanwhile, the gang never would’ve thought that Vegeta could’ve become capable of evil again, and that’s where they made a big mistake. Never underestimate what others can do, good or bad.

However, by the end of the Majin Buu Arc, we see Vegeta giving up that dream for not only his family and friends, but for the rest of the world. Vegeta was able to see a side of himself he never would’ve found, if he didn’t believe in himself.

There’s always more than the eye beholds.

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