Begin the Journey

Season One

Episodes 1 - 10

Starting off with a successful kidnapping, and ending with an unsuccessful kidnapping, let's just say... kidnapping isn't always a good idea.

Episodes 21 - 30

Family, Friends, Glow-Ups, Drama.. All these things were good, until it wasn't.

Episodes 41 - 50

Remember what I said about family and friends? Well- sometimes they won't always be beside you...

Episodes 11 - 20

Seems like failing a kidnapping wasn't that bad after all. However, recovering from being the person who was almost kidnapped- is.

Episodes 31 - 40

It doesn't matter how strong anybody is, you can't fight all of your battles alone. Luckily, you'll always have your family or friends beside you.

Episodes 51 - 60

The toughest battles are the ones who fight within ourselves. But the only way to get stronger... is by overcoming it.

Episodes 61 - 67

The Beginning of the End.

Season Two Coming Soon...