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In the world of Vikings, where everything from kidnapping to murder is the norm, Tython and Adii try to start their lives over. But the discovery of their emotion-fueled superpowers puts a target on their heads.

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About Us

Nowadays, Depression in young people is at an all time high. In this series, #Unison, we teach young people how to deal with their problems by providing them the path towards emotional stability. 

In this first season, we will teach you the power of family, and how it’s never too late to fix your relationship with a parent or a sibling. 

We also teach you how to conquer your fears, and use your emotions as a superpower, rather than a crutch.

Emotions are powerful and they can make you do some crazy things. But in this series, our goal is to teach you how to use them for good, rather than bad.

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